How Website Copy Can Differentiate Your Business from Competition

Jun 03, 2020 | By WaterStreet Creative

Your businesses website is a major factor in selling your product or service to your consumer. And it’s probably more of a factor than you would think.

If your website contains attractive images and has an appealing design, you should be able to grasp the attention of your viewer. But this first impression can only hold your visitor’s attention for so long.

Enter website copy. Simply put, web copy is the words on your website used to communicate with your audience in a clear and candid manner. Web copy sells what your business has to offer to the visitor. But what will set you apart from your competition is having GOOD web copy. Here are 5 strategies on how your business can get a leg up on your competitors through good web copy.


Focus on one specific idea when writing headlines.

Avoid lengthy headlines, keeping them specific, succinct, and clear. Also, many of your visitors may not be familiar with your business- you should keep this in mind when deciding how you want to craft your headlines.


Test your web copy, especially your headlines.

See how your audience responds when you have a headline or other piece of web copy that you think is golden. Even if it does perform well, continue to seek improvements so that you can continually convert your visitors into leads and new clients.


Ensure your web copy stays true to your brand.

Write to your customer in the same way you would talk to them in your store or over the phone. Stay consistent. This consistency will resonate with your loyal customers. Consider investing in a good copywriter to keep this consistency.


Don’t just write to fill space.

Your website copy should be used to communicate your brand, what you sell or offer, and how it can benefit the viewer. Users can instantly recognize bad copy- this excessive writing can be annoying and dissuade the viewer from further engaging with your business.


Proof-read… again and again and again… and have multiple people do so.

An immediate turn-off from a business is seeing typos on their own website. If your business can’t even write correctly when trying to communicate to your own viewers, visitors and clients won’t have much faith in doing business with you in the future.


Remember, your primary goal is to make your visitor’s experience on your website memorable and a direct reflection of your brand. Through good website copy, you can not only accomplish this, but you can do so in a manner which successfully differentiates your business from competition.  




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