Three Simple Tips for Increasing Your Social Media Engagement That You Can Start Today

Posted by Gina Shaw on Nov 12, 2018
Gina Shaw


We all know posting on social media is a must, yet it always seems to take a back seat to everything else. It should be easy and one of the least time-consuming things we do, but somehow, it's not. Its simplicity becomes time intensive, sometimes spanning across multiple departments, across multiple days and before we know it, we've missed the boat, or it just falls through the cracks altogether. Well, we are here to say NO MORE! Here are three simple tips for increasing your social media engagement that you can start today:


Before you roll your eyes at the thought of creating another plan, stick with us on this one. A social media plan is so much more than planning out your posts, it's deeper than that.  A social media plan answers the question, "What do you want to achieve with your posted content and who are you trying to reach?"

By defining your goals and target audience, identifying the key content that is needed and which platforms are best for each, you'll be able to create and execute your plan with focused, goal-driven content. Keep in mind, when creating your plan, to focus on building content around your Buyer Persona, and keep it in line with information that is:

  • Relevant to your audience
  • Helpful
  • Entertaining



Now that you have your plan, you can put together your social media calendar.


Depending on your business, this may be something you build weekly or monthly. The best part is that the heavy lifting is already done! Go to your social media plan, pull outyour topics and start assigning content deadlines, posting dates, and which department is in charge of each, making sure to notate which platforms are to be used and any graphics that need to go along with them.


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Speaking of graphics, if you don't have a graphic design department, don't worry. There are plenty of amazing graphic design platforms online to help create beautiful social media posts. Our favorites include Canva (free!), because it not only has beautifully compiled templates in every social media size you’d need, but simple drag and drop features to customize each post to your specific needs. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

If you require photos for your post, check out free photo services like Its wonderfully curated content helps keep your posts and images fresh and in-line with current trends. Plus, the royalty free photos are just that, free! Thanks, guys, for making our work easier!



Now that your social media plan is set, your content is created, and your calendar is solidified, it’s time to start posting.

There are many social media apps that offer a wide range of solutions with free and paid plan options.  These will help you to easily organize all your accounts and share to several social networks from one main dashboard without having to post anything separately to your accounts directly from the web.

Now it's time to consider which social media management tool to use. While they all get the job done, some may match your current social presence and marketing strategy better than others. Here are a few of the most popular tools available today, that also happen to be our favorite.



  • HubSpot (shameless plug here, as a certified HubSpot partner, we not only use it for our own social posting, but highly recommend it to all of our customers because WE LOVE IT.)
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite



Here is one more quick tip we couldn’t help but share,



You are already creating loads of content. From blog posts, photos and infographics to industry news, emails and more. Don’t put extra stress on yourself to create new content every time. Reuse content you’ve already posted. Yep! That’s right! If you have something great you think is worth sharing again, go ahead and post it! Chances are you have new followers who never saw your previous post, or current followers who missed it.

These quick tips are a great way to make sure your social media is on track to set you up for success and help you build an engaged social community. The best part is, you already have bits and pieces of each of these tips in your tool bag right now. It's just a matter of organizing and assembling the parts. 


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